About P PLUS

Procurement PLUS is led by John Filippone. John is strategically focused and customer driven, outcomes and solutions oriented, yet risk aware with experience in initiating and delivering procurement and commercial projects for the benefit of the broader community.

John Filippone

John Filippone - Director

Although Procurement PLUS is newly established, the experience and expertise of its Director is extensive and obtained over more than 25 years.  It is experience and expertise gained from working in the Federal, State, Local Government, and Not for Profit sectors. John is a dynamic leader and change agent with ability to work under pressure on strategic and complex issues and projects. He also has a strong record of stakeholder engagement and relationship management that achieves and delivers positive outcomes.

This includes developing and implementing new policies and initiatives, applying lateral thinking to arrive at innovative solutions, negotiating with national and WA based private, government and peak body organisations and ensuring process efficiency.  John has a proven ability to deliver innovative, procurement based solutions across a broad range of technical areas

John’s recent professional experience was with the WA Local Government Association as a member of the Executive and reporting to the CEO.  Prior to his work with WALGA, John worked in a central State Government agency as a member of the Senior Executive Service, delivering whole of government arrangements and supporting State Agencies with their procurement requirements. 

Some key achievements include the introduction and strengthening of the procurement governance regimes and practices which have ensured that the delivery of services and products are more robust, have stronger risk mitigation strategies, greater rigour and due diligence, and are better placed to withstand independent scrutiny. This has greatly benefited the organisations in which he has worked. 

John has also built up considerable commercial and negotiation experience with a combined estimated contracts value of more than $4b including complex tri-partite grant agreements.

Products & Services

Procurement PLUS currently has five focus areas that relate to the provision of procurement products and services:

Notwithstanding these five focus areas, opportunities for other products and services will be considered as they arise.  These other project and business opportunities will not be restricted to procurement related products and services only and will be explored and added to the suite of services being offered.

Delivery Philosophy

John’s delivery philosophy is based on his passion and commitment to improve the world we live in.
It is demonstrated in his many decades of voluntary service to community groups and the Not for Profit sector.
Put simply, it is:
“To leave the world a better place”.


The following objectives are fundamental and at the core of everything that Procurement PLUS undertakes, whether it is in the products that are developed, the services that are provided, or the manner in which Procurement PLUS approaches the work that it undertakes for and on behalf of its clients.

  • Tailoring Solutions for the client.
  • Building Capacity for the client.
  • Managing Risk for the client.
  • Values

    These objectives are consistent and align with John’s values:
    “Integrity, Reliability, Understanding and Trust”
    John is passionate about working with clients, to help them build their expertise, manage their risk and arrive at desired solutions.
    Procurement PLUS recognises that the products and services being offered by Procurement PLUS are not necessarily unique to Procurement PLUS or any other enterprise, however, the way in which they are packaged, priced and offered can vary.  The difference is that when you engage with Procurement PLUS, you will receive quality service and a tailored solution from someone with extensive procurement and commercial experience across a range of industries.  You can trust Procurement PLUS to understand your requirements and deliver the solution you need as a value for money proposition.

    As a completely irrelevant piece of information, John has always had a keen interest in pirates.

    Building client's expertise, managing their risk and arriving at desired solutions.

    - Procurement PLUS